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Long Distance Moving Companies

#1. Plan and Stay Organized 

One of the biggest tips for long distance moving is to plan as much as possible from start to finish. Make sure you plan everything and that most of your major tasks are taken care of upfront. There are many things to include in planning such as; your desired move date, drop off date at the new location, any transportation means or accommodations along the way or at the new destination, new address change, additional paperwork to be completed, belongings that will travel with you, packing/boxing + unpacking your items, etc. Write everything down the planning and organizing everything you will need to do before, during, and after the move. That being side take a step back, create a plan, and organize everything to execute your move across the country. 

#2 Packing Up

Another one of the best tips for long distance moving is packing your belongings or let the moving company facilitate the packing of your belongings. Either way is fine but different time constraints on each, however, just be sure to keep an inventory list of all of your belongings, number of boxes, including keepsake and expensive items, etc. If you are packing yourself, be sure to pack everything in the same size boxes and not to leave small, random, or miscellaneous items all over the place. Packing everything in an organized fashion with same size boxes will ensure the loading onto the truck goes fast and smooth. Try to get all of the packing down a couple days before the move so you are not packing last-minute boxes and scrambling. Plus, to help your move go even faster, be sure to disassemble furniture or larger items that need to be taken apart. 

#3 Hire a Reputable Long Distance Moving Company

Another one of the best tips for long distance moving is to hire and use a reputable long distance moving company to service the packing and moving. Be sure to get a free quote from a couple of long distance moving companies and be sure to provide and obtain get as much information as possible. Do not just price shop, but understand and get a feel for if the moving company has your best interest. The worst thing is to get caught in a moving scam, which is a nightmare and headache. Check reviews online and see how the company communicates, explaining everything on how the process works. Medal of Honor Moving takes pride in demonstrating and over-communicating in regard to all aspects of our moving service so you understand everything about your move, from price, to logistics, communication and much more!

Hopefully, our Best 3 Tips for Long Distance Moving has given you insight before moving. Please, let us know how we can help with your move today! 

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